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I have put together some examples of technical equipment that makes life in virtual meetings easier and more enjoyable. These tips are based on my own experiences. I also work with these devices myself and always try out something new that has been recommended to me by colleagues or that I have discovered myself.


Of course, these are not professional broadcast products. But they work, are easy to use, space-saving and can be used in any office or home office. It's important to me that it's affordable to come across well in virtual meetings and interviews.

Most of the links

I have included below are Amazon affiliate links, which means I will be credited with a few percent of your purchase. The price remains the same for you. I'm happy if I could support you - and vice versa (all affiliate links are marked with an asterisk *).

Have fun experimenting and trying things out!

Best regards,
Sabine Appelhagen

1. Product Recommendations Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand 1

There is a portable, inexpensive notebook stand for positioning the camera at eye level. However, you should always get an external Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse for your laptop.

Example on the right:
BoYata Laptop Stand
With ventilation
Price ca. 30 Euro

Product link to Amazon*

Laptop Stand 2

More adjustable in height. And if you want to speak standing up, that's a great thing. With enough space for keyboard, microphone, mouse, documents etc.

Example on the right:
Mobile standing desk
Price ca. 163 Euro

Product link to Amazon*

2. Product Recommendations Light

Light 1 - Desk lamp

This desk lamp has a particularly large lighting area. The result is bright, even light that can be adjusted in terms of color warmth. Please be sure to order two of these lamps: one from the right and one from the left for even illumination of the face.

Example on the right:
FeinTech LTL00100 LED Desk lamp
Light color dimmable from warm white to cool white
550 lm white [Energy class A]
Price ca. 57 Euro

Product link to Amazon*

Light 2 - LED Video lights:

These lights are more professional and can be dimmed via remote control. Perfect for illuminating the face. Here too, set up a light on the right and left. Unfortunately, they take up a bit of space, but they can quickly be packed back into the carrying bag and stored in the wardrobe.

Example on the right:
Neewer 2er-Pack 2,4G LED
Video lights with 2m tripod, two-tone
Price ca. 186 Euro

Product link to Amazon*

Light 3 - Translucent screens:

We recommend transmitted light umbrellas for the background and lighting of the room. They provide a pleasant light without casting shadows and are easy to use.

Example on the right:
vidaXL Photo Studio Set
Studio lights with tripods
Price ca. 41 Euro

Product link to Amazon*

3. Product Recommendations Microphones

Microphone 1:

A clip-on microphone that is connected directly to the computer or tablet via a jack or USB. However, movement is quite restricted here.

Example on the right:
Rode smartLav+
Lavalier-Microphone for Smartphone/Tablet
Price ca. 55 Euro

Product link to Amazon*

Microphone 2:

A desk microphone that connects to the computer or tablet via USB. The Blue Yeti microphone is very cool. It can be connected directly to the computer via USB. Available in white, silver and black.

Example on the right:
Blue Yeti Microphone
USB microphone for recording and streaming on PC and Mac
Three capacitor capsules, four polar patterns
Headphone output and volume control, plug & play
Price ca. 139 Euro

Product link to Amazon*

Microphone 3:

What works well and easily are the Airpods Pro from Apple with a crisp sound. Useful if there are other people sitting in the same room and you want to move around the room yourself. Disadvantage: only for Apple users and quite expensive at around 220 euros, and the earplugs' battery only lasts 1.5 hours - therefore not suitable for long meetings and seminars.

Example on the right:
Apple Airpods Pro
Price ca. 220 Euro

Product link to Amazon*

4. Product Recommendation Webcam

Webcam in Full HD:

If you don't have a built-in camera or your camera is an older model, we recommend a small webcam that can be easily mounted on the screen using a clip and connected via USB.

Example on the right:
Logitech Streamcam
Webcam for Live Streaming
Full HD 1080p at 60 fps, USB-C
Price ca. 155 Euro

Product link to Amazon*

5. Product Recommendations Backgrounds

Real background with branding:

We recommend a banner display that you can have printed with your logo or company colors. It can be rolled up again quickly and to save space.

Example on the right:
Banner Display "Pegasus"
with print 140x240cm
Price ca. 160 Euro

Product link to Werbecenter-Online-Shop


A pull-out green box saves space and can be set up quickly.

Example on the right:
Chickbanners Banner-Stand freestanding
1500 mm width x 2000 mm depth, green
Price ca. 151 Euro

Product link to Amazon*

6. Product Recommendation Teleprompter

Compact Teleprompter:

With a compact teleprompter, you can record videos and presentations at home without having to worry about the text, just like the professionals on TV.

Example on the right:
TeleprompterPAD iLight PRO
Teleprompter with remote control
Suitable for recording with a camcorder
or cell phone.
Price ca. 178 Euro

Product link to Amazon*

Note: All product links marked with an asterisk * are Amazon affiliate links.